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8 Surprising facts about dogs !?

Dogs are a fave pet all around the world. It is anticipated that there are more than 525 million dogs on Earth today. Here are some information about our cherished companions.

14,000 years

Historians disagree approximately while and where people first started out domesticating dogs. There is a belief that the first dogs are wolves who have domesticated themselves and had been attracted for the primary time to the primary sites of the human population.

We also locate that the stays of individuals who have been buried with their puppies had been found in Germany. Estimates suggest a term of no much less than 14,000 years. Dog stays were also located early in China, among 5800 and 7000 B.C, and there is even a burial website for puppies in Utah where it is predicted that its records dates returned 11,000 years.
The earliest known canine species date returned to approximately 9000 BC. Perhaps this species is the form of greyhound used for hunting.

Dog reverence

When a dog was dying in ancient Egypt, its companions, if they could, did not fail to work towards embalming it with the same care as a member of the human family. Also, his friends were shaving their eyebrows as a sign of extreme sadness.

In ancient China, the belief was that dogs were a godsend, and their blood was considered sacred to the extent that they were used to seal faith and swear allegiance.

In the Americas, the Mayan tribes kept dogs as pets, but they were also associated with the gods. The dogs were said to have been leading the souls of the dead through an expanse called Zebalpa. And when the soul reached this underworld, the dog was helping to guide the deceased to cross the challenges put into place by the zebalpa poles in order to reach the commission.

Toxic foods

Dogs should be protected from eating certain human foods even if they are in small quantities, such as grapes and raisins, because they contain an unknown substance that causes kidney failure in dogs. Macadamia nuts can damage the dog’s nervous system. Also, onions and garlic may harm red blood cells. As well as chocolate, avocado and alcohol, as well as anything with caffeine, as it can be fatal to the dog.

The power of smell

To put this judgment into perspective, a person can discover the scent of a teaspoon of sugar in a cup of coffee, while a dog can detect a teaspoon of sugar in two Olympic-size swimming pools.

Some dogs were said to have smelled the scents of dead bodies under water, and they were able to smell natural gas deposits 40 feet under the soil, so that they could smell the scent of cancer in humans.

Reading minds

Dogs can read brains, not literally, but they score excellent signs in body language reading. For example, a study during which a therapeutic substance was hidden under one of two inverted buckets. A person stood behind the buckets to give many signals to the body, such as referring to or leaning towards a bucket.

When the experiment was performed on chimpanzees, or 3-year-olds, they were almost unable to interpret body signals until they learned what they meant, while dogs could immediately understand and distinguish the intended bucket.

Why is this happening ? Scientists state that they have no explanation, but dogs are clearly adept at reading the signals of the human body.

The intelligence of a child

Research at the University of British Columbia has revealed that dog intelligence can compete with a human child from two to two and a half years old. Even dogs can understand 150 to 200 words, and even count to 4 or 5, but deliberately deceive people and other dogs to have fun and have fun with them.

Touch is the first sense

When a puppy is born, the first thing the mother does is clean it up. This process includes touching all nerve ends in the puppy’s body, which helps blood flow to all of its limbs.

From these gentle beginnings, touch becomes part of the socialization of dogs, which strengthens the bonds between friends and family members, both dogs and humans.