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Owning and Buying a Horse – Things You Need To Know !?

If you have finally decided and ready to buy and invite a horse into your home, you have come to the right place. This section of the site will allow you to gain more knowledge of what to expect as a horse owner. However, buying a horse is much more different than getting a cat, fish or even a dog. It takes a lot of preparation and thought about where you are going to put your horse, how you will keep them happy and healthy and how much money goes into maintaining a horse for the whole of its life.

A lot goes into keeping a horse healthy. After all, a horse will regularly need shoes, they will need vaccines and a horse is a big animal, so they eat a lot. You will spend a lot of food, grooming, bedding, tack and much more. But the most important thing you will buy is a good horse for you and your family.

There are a lot of horses out there that will not be a good fit for you. You can find a bad horse in general as well. Every horse is an individual so make sure you look into your future animal carefully. Some horses will have bad habits, like kicking, cribbing (chewing on the edge of the stall) and biting. Other horses will not be trained well. These horses will only know the basics and they will only be willing to wear a saddle, but do not know all of the signals that a well-trained horse will know. This horse is being called “green broke” .

Some horses, like all animals, are just born unhealthy. They can have problems with their legs or hooves that will make them unable to ride. If you wanted to compete in horse shows and you have a horse that can only walk around the ring slowly with a child on its back, you will definitely be disappointed.

How can you find the right horse when you know there are all these things to avoid? You will need to be very careful about buying a horse from an auction or through the newspaper classifieds. You should ask around. What do other people say about the person you are buying your horse from? What have the other horses been like? Serious horse riders will want a more challenging horse as they progress in their careers. Older, dependable horses are excellent for those individuals that are just beginning to ride.

Once you find a horse that you like, be sure to ask others about their opinion about both the owner and the other horses. You will want to be especially careful if the horse is for a competition or barrel racing or other. If your future horse has a bad temperament and hates loud noises, it won’t work well in a loud competition setting.

Investigate the horse’s background thoroughly to see if you can find out as much as possible about the owner and other horses coming from that ranch. After you do that, you will need to talk with your vet. Here, the vet can look at the prospective horse’s eyes, ears, heart, and teeth to make sure you are about to buy a healthy horse.

If you don’t know how old your horse is, your vet can make an educated guess by looking in its mouth. The vet should also look at the horse’s feet and legs to make sure they don’t have swollen hocks, leg splints or thrush, which is a dangerous thing that can seriously impact your horse’s health. This is caused if the horse’s legs are left in wet, dirty bedding for too long a time.

Finally, be sure that the horse’s temperament matches your own. You don’t want him to bite and you want him to be trained and flexible to your specific needs.