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Keep Your Cat Safe in Warm Weather and how to Protect Your Cat from Cancer ??

Hot weather presents many opportunities for fun and games. However many of our feline friends are not as well equipped to deal with the warm weather conditions as we humans are. Therefore it is really important that cat owners work to protect their pets from the dangers and complications of warm weather and hot climates.

It is really best to keep your cat indoors throughout hot weather months, especially in the middle of the afternoon when the sun is at its highest and hottest state. If your cat is primarily an outdoor cat, you can let him outside in the morning and evening hours but avoid keeping him outdoors all day, especially if you do not provide him with shade and water outdoors. Shade and water are key for keeping a cat healthy in warm weather. When your cat is outdoors, make sure he can find shelter from the blistering sun, and freshwater to refresh his body and mind.

Keep your cat cool by brushing him on a regular basis. Daily brushing will help to remove extra hair that is adding weight and insulation to your cat. If you have a long-haired cat, you may even consider talking to your veterinarian about clipping options in the warmer months of the year.

Be aware of bugs over the summer months. Check your cat daily for ticks that can cause illness and disease. Even though you want to protect your cat and home against bugs, avoid toxic pest repellents and insecticides. If your cat comes into direct contact with these items or chews on grass treated with these toxins, he or she could become seriously ill.

Lastly, keep an eye on your cat when he is indoors. Cats are notorious for climbing up onto windowsills to feel a bit of breeze. Be sure to keep upper floor windows closed to prevent your cat from falling from the window, even if you have a screen or fan in place.

And for how to Protect Your Cat from Cancer :

In today’s world, cancer is an ever-present risk for both humans and their cats. Keeping your cats healthy and cancer-free begins at a very basic level. Believe it or not, there may be many environmental issues at work causing detrimental effects to your cat’s health. If saving your cat is not reason enough for you to examine elements in your home environment, consider that they may also be affecting your risk for cancer. By taking time and energy to investigate some of the most basic aspects of your life, you may help both yourself and your cat from developing cancer, or other serious health problems.

One’s health is oftentimes only as good as the air that you breathe. The same goes for your cat. While obvious factors like traffic and industrial pollution reduce air quality, many other health saboteurs may be used on an everyday basis in your own home. Be sure to use only natural, non-toxic cleaners within your yard and home to keep your cat breathing freely, and avoid smoking cigarettes or letting others smoke around you and your cat. Additionally, open your windows whenever possible to let fresh air into your home and pollutants out of your house. You may even want to invest in an air filtration system to keep your air free from pollutants. Many houseplants add additional cleansing to your air, just be sure to keep the plants out of reach from your cat.

Along with air, water quality also plays a large role in determining our health. It is worth your while to invest in a water filter. Provide your cat with clean and pure filtered water so that he can stay hydrated and healthy. Make sure that the water is always fresh, and rinse the dish a few times throughout the day to prevent bacteria and toxins from settling in the bowl or water itself.

In addition to clean air and water, be sure to keep your cat’s stress levels at a minimum. A body under a great deal of stress is unable to function properly and heal itself. Provide your cat with a stable living environment that includes a high-quality diet, and plenty of love and exercise to keep him cancer-free and happy.