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How to Choose a Good Dog Breeder ??

A good dog breeder is important because not only are you more likely to get a healthy puppy, your breeder should stand behind its puppy with a health guarantee. They will screen their puppies to make sure that the dogs do not have a serious health defect that can break your heart and your bank account later down the line.

There are three types of dog breeders. The first type takes his job very seriously and works hard to maintain the standard of the breed. They will often be more expensive than the rest, but you will receive a puppy whose parents were specifically chosen for their fine qualities and good lineage. They will test their puppies for genetic diseases and will breed the best dogs for future champion show dogs or comparable quality.

The second type of breeder is a ” backyard breeder “. These dogs breed for money and because they want others to have a dog like theirs. They do not show their dogs and will rarely test for diseases or know how to look for the standards of the breed. They will be less choosy about the parents and the puppies can have a range of problems.

The third type of breeder is called a puppy mill. Puppy mill breeders are a range of dogs and breed the female dogs until they are literally about to die. These puppies are maltreated and malnourished with many genetic health problems, including Kennel Cough.

Of course, knowing the difference between the types of breeders is good, but knowing how to find a great breeder in your area can be very difficult. The best breeders are not easy to locate. Fortunately, if you ask the right questions and do your research, you will be able to find someone who can point you in the right direction for a breeder that is just right for you.

How is your breeder advertising? If a single breeder is offering a range of puppies in a newspaper advertisement, for example, this is probably a good indication of a puppy mill. When you go to the breeder’s home, you should look around to see if this is the only dog breed available.

Ask to look in and check out where the puppies have been staying. If the breeder makes up excuses or flat-out refuses, this can be a bad sign. They can be trying to hide the safety concerns of where the puppies are being kept. The pen where the puppies are being kept could be dirty and the dogs could be not treated properly.

Make sure you ask the breeder whether the puppies have been to the vet and gotten their shots. Ask to see the vet’s paperwork and call to confirm that the puppies have been there. Ask the breeder for a health guarantee. Any breeder that stands by his work will definitely give you one. If the breed has serious hereditary diseases, make sure the preliminary tests have been performed to prevent you from going home with a puppy that is already sick.

Finally, ask for references from other dog owners. Breeders will typically give you names and numbers of people they know will sing their praises, but it can be a good way to determine if your puppy is from a good place. Call the vet and ask them about their experience with the breeder and if they know how their puppies have turned out. If you are satisfied, you can proceed with buying the puppy. Then comes the hard part of figuring out which happy puppy is just right for you!