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Horse Grooming Tools, Combs and Brushes !!

Now that you have a horse, you will need to groom him regularly. And in order to groom him successfully, you will need the right grooming tools. The feed and tack store has a number of options for you to choose from. How will you know which ones are right for your horse and for your grooming style ?.

The first thing you should look into is getting a horse pick. If you ride your horse regularly, this is the most important grooming tool you can own. The hoof pick is used to clean all of the dirt and debris out of the horse’s hooves after a ride. You will need to make cleaning your horse’s hooves part of your daily routine. If you go out for a quick run or some exercise, you will want to keep one with you at all times in case he gets something in his hoof on the run.

You will also need to have a curry comb when you are grooming your horse. The curry comb is a unique brush that removes the mud and loose hair from the horse’s coat. In addition, the curry comb can also be used to brush out the horse’s tail and mane. In this way, you can get rid of its tangles and snarls. Your curry comb will obviously be used a lot over the years with your horse, so you should look into buying a very reliable and dependable brush. After all, who wants to keep going to the store to replace your curry comb ? .

Metal curry combs can usually withstand the longest amount of use, but some horse enthusiasts say that the metal is too abrasive to the horse. You can use a metal curry comb, then, to clean out your other combs. Rubber ones are a great choice, but plastic ones should be avoided since they will become brittle and break. On the other hand, the plastic ones are the cheapest, so that is why they are so popular.

You can also use a dandy brush after you go over your horse’s coat with a curry comb. The dandy brush helps to remove loose hair, but it cannot handle large patches of dried mud. You don’t have to have a dandy brush if you have a smaller horse budget, but they are nice to have around.

The body brush is the next brush you will need. It is used to smooth out the horse’s hair after the curry and dandy brush have gone over it. This brush is much softer and can also be used for the horse’s head.

A mane comb is a next brush. As the name suggests, the mane comb is used to easily untangle the mane and tail of the horse. You will want to use the comb regularly to keep your horse’s mane and tail looking beautiful. There are other specialty combs if you want to play with your horse’s tail and mane for a show appearance.

You will also want to look for a sweat scraper for when you give your horse a bath. This piece of equipment was originally to get the sweat off of racehorses, but it now also used to get the excess water off a horse efficiently, which saves some work with the towels.

Shop online for the right grooming tools that you need to make your horse look beautiful and stay as healthy as possible.