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Buying and Adding a New Cat – What Are the Considerations ??

Having the pleasure of owning just one cat is, for the most part, a reasonable amount for many cat fanciers. However, as addictive as a good flavored potato chip can be, so can owning a wide variety of cat breeds.

How can you go about determining if additional cats are right for you? One of the first matters to bear in mind is your lifestyle. If your career demands that you spend long hours away from home, and you notice that your single cat is acting lonely, adding another cat to your home may be the perfect answer.

Another consideration for you to ponder is if you own an older cat. It has been documented, that adding a kitten to a household with an older cat can bring out the youthful spark of the older cat. One important note to consider before purchasing another cat to add to your home is that some breeds are very territorial and protective of their homes and family. Adding another cat to this situation or one where the original cat prefers his solitude could lead to a variable array of problems.

If you are contemplating adding a kitten to your home, it is important to remember what responsibilities come along with that choice. Kittens require litter box training as well as the added expenditure of a physical examination by a veterinarian, vaccinations and the possibility of neutering and de-clawing. When adding an older cat to your home, it may take a while for it to become accustomed to the new surroundings which could lead to possible behavior and health issues as well.

While most people believe it is essential to add cats of the same breed to their home, there are many cats who would appreciate the company of any breed. The most important issue you must consider however is making sure cats with the same temperament are together. Adding a snobbish, unassuming Russian Blue with an energetic, silly and playful Rex breed is probably not going to bring the best results for compatibility. However, other breeds like the Himalayan Persian and the Maine Coon have such a relaxed, laid-back attitude that they welcome any addition to the family.

Bringing a new cat into the home requires a certain amount of preparation in order to allow time for each cat to adjust. The best way to do this is to set up a special place for the new addition. A crate may be an option to consider as the new cat’s litter box abilities are not yet known.

It is important to gradually introduce the cats so the transition of each realizing the other exists will be an easier one. More importantly, never allow your cats to share a litter box or food dishes. This can not only upset the original cat of the household and cause behavioral issues; it can also spread feline diseases. Separate litter boxes and food dishes and maybe even separate areas will ensure a docile transition and a healthy, safe home.

For many, the prospect of owning multiple cats is a glorious and wonderful experience. Just remember, now that it is known what a cat lover you are, you may start receiving requests from people with stray or unwanted kittens and cats to just be a pal and add one more.